Posted on 10/02/2016

Greats Cover Image

The Art Gallery of NSW has hosted 'The Greats' exhibition a truly amazing collection of masterpieces from the National Galleries of Scotland.

With much anticipation, I finally visited the exhibition on Wednesday night and it did not disappoint!

While I could argue I would have been happy to pay for admission to see Botticelli's The Virgin adoring the sleeping Christ Child alone, there was a beautiful range of art on display. 

The night was busy, but the crowds kept moving at a good pace. The free audio guides were glued to the ears of most of the crowd and provided a wonderful insight into some of the lesser known paintings. The main attractions were thoughtfully spread out across eight rooms with a lot of smaller pieces in-between which created a good pace to see everything. The exhibition seemed to go on forever yet I still felt like I had a good amount of time to see all the pieces. 

Highlights include a stunning Monet, Three Tahitians (Paul Gauguin), An old woman cooking eggs (Diego Velazquez) and my favourite Lady Agnew (John Singer Sargent), plus a sweet little sketch study of a dog's paw by Leonardo da Vinci. 

A stunning collection, that I'm sad to see go!


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