Posted on 05/09/2015


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Curvy Creative Conference

A truly inspiring panel discussion by some of Australia's best creative women.

I attended Day 2 of the conference on Sep 5th, which focused on 'The Art of Making It'.In conjunction with aMBUSH Gallery and Central Park, the Curvy crew have brought together a diverse and talented group of speakers for a 2 day creative conference and exhibition. The exhibition runs until September 13th and is a must-see, so make sure you get in quick!  

Speakers included Gemma O’Brien, Katie Rigg-Smith, Elke Kramer, Bei Badgirl, Jess Scully, Bec Brideson, Nanami Cowdroy, Cat Wall and Kate Hurst as moderator. I am hard pressed to pick a favourite as each of the speakers had valuable info and view points to add to the discussion. Topics covered included how the ladies got their first break, goal setting, females in the corporate workplace and artistic resources. The conversation flowed easily and time flew by. Jess Scully was particularly refreshing and candid in her views and experience, while Nanami Cowdroy's highly detailed illustrations were a personal favourite in the exhibition. 

Judging by audience reaction, I wasn't the only one to walk away feel inspired..


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