Posted on 20/09/2015

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Beams Art Festival, a one night only event on Sat 19th Sep, saw Chippendale and Central Park transformed into a truly magical setting of exploration.

Wandering the narrow lane ways, you feel a little like you have been thrown down the rabbit hole, with weird and wonderful installations, performers, wall art and light displays at every turn. Joyfully surprising, with colour, movement and sound, there is plenty of opportunity for interaction from live life drawing, to a dance floor with no sound. I walked through strings of light and even got a selfie with a Disney princess. Drinks flowed freely and the atmosphere was fun and upbeat. Installations and sculptures cascade from trees, poke out of walls and climb around corners.

Live street art was a real favourite, with some fantastic art being created before your eyes by Scottie Marsh, The Ox King and a bunch of other artists.

I expected creative and talented art and performance but the musical talent on the night was outstanding too. The real stand out for me was Josh Rawiri, followed closely by Sarah Parkin. The overall standard was amazing and there were probably more I didn't get to see. Dance and performance-wise, DanceKool street dance studio were crowd favourites.

For more info, visit the Beams website or search for #beamsfestival on Instagram. One to watch out for next year!

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