Posted on 31/10/2015

LesPetitFours Blog

So far, one of my favourite exhibitions in Sydney!

Les Petit Fours is co-curated by Friends of Leon andBeautiful Bizarre magazine. The exhibition has an outstanding range of modern artists from around the world, each contributing a square 50x50cm piece focusing on the female form. While each piece has a very unique style, they are all exceptional and a certain quirkiness ties them all together beautifully. 

The small gallery space is warm and inviting and easy to get up close to the art and inspect every brush stroke. Each piece is so strikingly different, it is hard to pick a favourite. Artists include Kelly Thompson, David Wells, Young Chun and Tracy Lewis. Highly recommend paying a visit, there isn't much time left!

Friends of Leon Gallery is located at 82 Marlborough Street Surry Hills Sydney. Check out their website or Facebook for upcoming exhibitions. Les Petit Fours runs from Oct 22nd–Nov 8th, 2015. 

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